Nothing ruins a meeting like a crashed computer. We’ve all been there before- it’s crunch time, everything depends on you and that PowerPoint needs to get prepped. You turn on your laptop to an infinitely looping load screen. No matter what you try, you get the same screen. You’ve even tried the tried and true “turn it off and turn it on again” technique. You try everything other than throw it out of the nearest window. Nothing. The higher-ups have all found their seats and are impatiently waiting for you to get on with the presentation. Situations like this are never fun, and they only serve to cause stress and frustration.

Smart Office is partnered up with Menark, a well-respected IT company serving businesses across the tri-state area. If you have a reservation with us, and something tragic happens to your computer, you can use our company account to allow a Menark technician to remote into your laptop or walk you through the troubleshooting process.

Otherwise, our Smart Office team is trained on the day-to-day tech issues- getting you hooked up to the smart tv monitors, setting up a printer driver for you, assisting with setting up a presentation, making copies or stapled packets and just about anything else you can dish out. At Smart Office, you will have everything you need to seamlessly get the job done, every time.